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The difference between us and all other lead generation programs

On average it takes about 12 to 15 clicks to get someone to fill out a form on your landing page. If you figure an average cost of $1 per click you’re looking at $7,200 per month, to generate 600 leads in which 30+ will be actual prospects.

These 30+ prospects could end up costing roughly $240 per prospect…

…and they’re still are not qualified for your opportunity.


There are real people who want to join a local established mlm distributor or simply buy products like the ones you sell. Those people come to every day.  We do the hard work of promoting our AND your site for you, you just need to make a decision to get started, listed and grow your business to the next level. It's that simple.  

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We Get YOUR Link Exposure!

While we can't guarantee you’ll rank number one for your company in your city and state, we have a pretty good track record.  Listings and profiles from will be found in Google, Bing and Yahoo and you get a lot of exposure that way.

But even better than that and better than ANY lead generating site that might exist or pop up later,  we have paid expert SEO (search engine optimization) staff that take your link and post it out your individual link on, and more secret sites we keep in our private arsenal! These are trade secrets so no one can even dare get close to the amount of traffic we produce.